Should You Keep Your Ex’s 401(k) Plan As-Is?

Should You Keep Your Ex’s 401K Plan As-Is? by Susan Moussi

{2:58 minutes to read}  Is it possible to keep your share of your ex’s 401(k)? The short answer is yes.

In your divorce property settlement, if you are to receive a portion or all of the retirement assets that were in the name of your former spouse, you need to set up a transfer from their account to an account that is in your name. 

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Borrowing From Your 401(k)?

{3:07 minutes to read} A recent court case demonstrates the need to pay very close attention to the procedures for a repayment of a 401(k) loan, and that there is no “reasonable cause” exception when a taxpayer fails to make a 401(k) loan repayment. 

Borrowing From Your 401(k) by Susan Moussi

In Frias, T. C. Memo. 2017 – 139, July 11, 2017, an employee left for maternity leave on July 30, 2012, to have her third child. Here are the facts of the case: 

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