Tax Planning & Preparation

tax-pg-picTax planning and preparation services are available to individuals and small businesses. The various services are noted below. We strongly encourage our clients to contact us when they have a change in their financial circumstances since this may have an impact on their tax liability. Uncertain as to whether there is a tax impact? Please call. We do not charge our clients for inquiries that may be answered quickly.

Services Provided:

Individual Tax Preparation and Planning Services

Electronically-filed federal, state, and local taxes (when available) as well as estimated tax vouchers, when applicable. Tax organizers are provided to those clients that find the organizers helpful as they gather the tax documents. Year-end tax planning services are highly recommended to take advantage of any appropriate actions still available to the clients before the end of the year.

Small Business Tax Preparation and Planning Services

Federal, state, and local income tax preparation and planning services for unincorporated business (such as sole proprietors, partnerships, Limited Liability Companies), and incorporated businesses (such as S Corporations and corporations).

Other Services

  • Gift Tax Returns
  • Trust Returns
  • Estate Income Tax Returns
  • Business Entity Choices
  • Retirement Plan Options